18th Century Handmade Creations for Re-enactors!

Hand Knit Hand-Wear & Hats

Jeff White Knives and Blanks with Leather Sheaths

18th Century Children's Clothing

Hand-Wove Linsey-Woolsey Material and outfits.

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Fort de Chartres September 11&12 "Fort de Chartres Pick Up 2021"

Mount Vernon September 18&19. "MtVernon Pick Up 2021"

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Information on Our Creations

Most of our products are handmade. That makes them each individual, not mass produced. Which means there will be slight variations in each item. This also means it takes time to create each item.

Prices are subject to change.

Apple Cart Creations Products

Knit Items, Double Toques in many sizes.

Knit Items

Our knit items are made from 100% preshrunk wool yarn.  Machine washable-- but please do not dry!

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Jeff White Knives

Jeff White Knives, Blanks and Sheaths

Hand made Knives and Blanks from the Shop of JEFF WHITE! All from 1095 Steel.   And Leather Sheaths made especially to fit Jeff White's Knives & Blanks, created by Mouse Made.

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Hand-Woven Cotton Towels


I have both Hand-Woven and pre-purchased.

Both types of towels are 100% cotton.

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My Linsey-Woolsey material is one of a kind.  Traditionally hand wove on hand/foot powered looms. I also make Garments from my hand-wove material. Waistcoats, Petticoats, Short-gowns, etc.

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18th Century Children's Clothing

Perfect way to clothe your children for the 18th Century!

For both Boys and Girls!

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Knitting Supplies

Do you need supplies to knit with? We carry Bartlett 100% wool yarn, Brittany Knitting Needles & Crochet Hooks. Plus lots of other items to help your hands stay busy while at re-enactments or at home!

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Feet! 18th Century Style

Wonderful ways to cover your feet. Keep them warm and dry 18th Century style. For Men, Woman, and Children.

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Brazier and Accessories

Our own designed Braziers and the accessories custom made to work with them. Also Blow pipes and other ironware products.

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Children's Toys

Coming Soon!

Hand made 18th Century Children's Toys.

Our New Web-Site

We are constantly updating and changing things on our web-site. Please visit frequently for future changes. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at karen@applecartcreations.com

I received the Early American Life award again this year for my Linsey-Woolsey and Knit items being very period correct. They couldn't believe that I had actually spun the wool for the Linsey-Woolsey. I feel very Honored for this. They also gave me a full page layout in their August issue of my Linsey-Woolsey garments.

I love my Hand-Wove towels! They come in real handy with the young ones. If you have kids...you need towels and cloths. These hold up to everything. Dunking in water to scrub them down, wiping up stuff they spilled, being capes, snuggling with. I have used one as a light blanket when mine was a very wee one. Even used one as an emergency nappy at an event once while someone ran for reinforcement supplies. Kids are messy. These do a multitude of tasks. LOL And they still look great!

Hubby purchased fleece clog liners at Colonial market days in Lebanon back in July. He said that he absolutely loves them. He wore them all day this past weekend.

Tina Griffith

After 3months of regular almost daily wear, I feel this hat was the best, most flexible winter hat I have ever had.  What has made it such a great hat is that it was long and double layered, and most importantly real wool available in 2XL.  This allows it to be pulled well down over the ears with the bottom folded up AND allows the peak to be tucked in or left free.  The fold is then 4 layers and windproof as the weave is not stretched.  With the natural (not stretched) fit, I find it does not ride up as many knit hats have, especially if you have longer hair. As a wool product, it retains its warmth even when damp and sheds snow.

Bill C. in VIrginia.

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