I have hand-woven cotton towels that are super absorbent that are wove in Indiana.

These cotton towels are hand wove from very soft absorbent cotton, so there will be slight variations in the weave. Pre-washed and already shrunk. These are great to use in the Kitchen or anywhere you need a towel. Completely period correct for 18th and 19th Century Reenacting so use them out at events for dishes, face cloths or anything you need to dry or wipe up, or even cover up, etc. Great for home use as well. Wash Cloths are two layers of toweling sewn together to make them just perfect for washing your face or dishes approximately 9"x9" Napkin/Basket covers Approximately 18"x18",They all come in a variety of colors and you can mix and match to make sets.

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And I also carry 100% cotton towels that are already made. These are towels that have been purchased by us. These are wonderful kitchen towels that are great for re-enactment purposes as well as home use.

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