All my Linsey-Woolsey is hand wove.  I hand weave this material from linen threads and Bartlett 100%wool singles or very fine Hand Spun Yarn. This 18th Century period fabric is perfect for those true re-enactors. It comes in a variety of stripes and colors. Call for availability.

Watch a video of me weaving a petticoat in a stripe pattern. Linsey Woolsey video.

I make several different Garments made out of my Linsey-Woolsey fabric. Waistcoats in F&I (French & Indian War, 1750), Revolutionary War (1775), 1790's, and 1812. I also make Woman's petticoats, both solid colored and striped. And Woman's Short Gowns.

Check out the collections of material and garments that I have already made.


Early American Life Award I received the Early American Life award again this year for my Linsey-Woolsey and Knit items being very period correct. They couldn't believe that I had actually spun the wool for the Linsey-Woolsey. I feel very Honored for this. They also gave me a full page layout of my Linsey-Woolsey garments in their August issue.


Loom Warped with Linen threads and starting to weave.    Loom warped with Linen Threads and starting to weave.