About Us

Mike & Karen
   Mike and Karen started out by attending an event by invitation of a friend. Karen brought her great wheel and spun all weekend with people standing and watching. She was hooked on Living History Events after that. They soon bought their first lodge, a Monster Wedge with a large fly. They spent a couple years with Karen spinning on her great wheel while Mike slept in his slat chair with his felt hat over his eyes. Karen was soon asked where she got the knit items she was wearing. Her response was “I made them myself!” Then the question was: "Have you ever thought about selling them?" That’s how Apple Cart Creations got started.
   Mike was the 4th generation to run an apple orchard, so they took the name from that very large part of their lives. Karen had worked at Conner Prairie Living History Museum for 4 years as several different characters in the village. So, she has always had an interest in Historic way of doing home textiles. Her mother taught her to knit at age 6, following by crochet, embroidery, sewing my machine and by hand, quilting, etc.
    Our business was started with all Hand Spun, Hand Knit and Hand Woven items made entirely by Karen. We still carry items made from her Hand Spun Yarn but now offer items made from Bartlett 100% wool yarn, also. All our yarn is preshrunk before knitting all our items.
    Mike became friends with Jeff White and soon after started selling his hand made knives. Mike still goes to Jeff’s shop and helps out some. He has one of the largest selection of Jeff White Knives. Their daughter started making the leather sheaths to go with the knives.
   After they were asked over and over again where they got the outfits that their grandchildren were wearing, and Karen’s response was always, “I made them.” She finally gave in and started her line of 18th Century Children’s Clothing.