Linsey Woolsey Process

The following is the process I do to get the loom ready to weave my Linsey Woolsey material.

Linen threads on my warping board, put through a tension box before wound onto the section beam of my loom.


Sectional completely wound on. 48 threads per section, 21 sections = 1,008 threads!

Half of the sectional pulled through the heddles. This determines the weave pattern.

Front view of the loom half the threads pulled through the heddles and reed.

A Third of the way tied onto the front. One inch at a time.

All 1008 threads tied on and ready to start weaving the wool in!

Hand spun and dyed single ply yarn, shrunk and hung to set the twist as it dries.

Bobbins wound with my hand-spun yarn, ready to weave with.

Solid red Linsey-Woolsey material wove on the loom.

This 42" wide material on the loom, approximately 38" after washed will take about 10-11 hours per yard to make.