Weaving Linsey Woolsey Material
Linsey woosey petticoat waistband
Petticoat, stripes, 18th century
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Petticoat - Red, White & Blue

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This Petticoat is made from my Hand-Spun, Hand-Wove Linsey-Woolsey Material. The petticoat has a base of natural white wool with stripes of blue and red. I wove the stripes in traditional 18th century style. The blue has a dark blue on outside with lighter blue in the middle. The red has thin stripes of red, thin stripe of white on each side of a little wider stripe of red in the middle. Both of these use less dye but makes the eyes see wider, darker stripes. This would save the 18th century weaver time and expense in still getting the color that she so desired.

Since all of my Linsey-Woolsey garments are custom made. I have at least 9 hours per yard in just the material. So they take lots of time to design, warp, weave and sew each garment. If you are interested in something, please contact me. I will see what I can do to accommodate your wishes and desires.