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These petticoats are designed to make a girl look good and proper, no matter how much of a tomboy she is!  They have pleats in the center that won’t move and gathers on the sides that are very adjustable to fit lots of different waist sizes. And yes, the draw string has the signature Apple Cart Creations “sewn in so it can’t be taken out” feature. The drawstring ties on both sides, leaving a slit to reach inside for their pocket. Two grow pleats, of 2” each, have been put in near the bottom so that the length will grow with the girl as well as the waist. The inside is completely finished to stay nice during lots of wear and washings.

Waist sizes go up to ___ with a finished length of ___ plus the 4” of grow pleats that can be taken out.

  • Small (6) – Waist:  22”                    Length: 21” – 25”
  • Medium (8) – Waist: 24”                 Length: 24” – 28”
  • Large (10/12) – Waist: 32”             Length 28” – 32”
  • X-Large (14/16) – Waist: 36”         Length: 32” – 36”

If I am out of stock you may pre-order, it may take me up to 2-4 weeks to get it made just for you.