Jeff White Blank #39, Small Dagger

Jeff White Blank #39 (Small Dagger)

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This blank is from the shop of Jeff White. It is a high carbon steel blade (ANSI 1095) that has been hardened to Rockwell 59 (HRC 58-60). Which has been sharpened to a very fine edge.

This Blank:

  • Has a full tang with a flat ground durable blade edge.
  • The total length is 10"
  • The Blade length is 5.5"
  • The Blade thickness is 1/8"   0.125"
  • The Blade width is 1.5"
  • Our hand made Leather Sheath "I" or "G-Medium" will fit this Blade.

This Blank is ready to have a handle put on it. Don't forget to check out our

  • Wood & Pins to make a finished handle for it.
  • Hand-Made Leather Sheaths made especially to fit Jeff White knives and blanks.
  • Sharpening Stones to help keep that sharp edge.