Drop Spindle Kit. Spindle, wool and instructions.

Drop Spindle Kit

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Did you ever want to spin your own yarn? But couldn't afford a wheel? Then this is what you need.  This kit comes with a handmade Drop Spindle, (made by Mike) and two 1 oz balls of wool ready to spin. (Let me choose what color of wool.) This is enough wool to help you really learn what to do. To educate your hands in drawing the wool out to make a yarn. Once you have educated your hands in what they need to do, it is easy then to transfer to a wheel, educate your feet and put the two together to spin yarn.


  1. Attach wool to hook,
  2. Spin spindle clockwise
  3. Pinch – Draw - Slip
  4. Pinch the length of yarn at the twist point.
  5. Draw wool up from fluffy in other hand
  6. Slip fingers holding twist up into wool just drawn.
  7. When spindle gets to floor, wind yarn onto spindle.
  8. Loop yarn onto hook.
  9. Start spinning again!