Weaving Linsey-Woolsey - Natural/Bleached

I started a new warp of Linsey-Woolsey this year. I used both natural and bleached Linen threads in the warp in a staggard stripe pattern. This makes a very subtle stripe pattern that changes with the color of wool that I weave into it. Following is the warp beam full of this natural/bleached linen warp.

Linsey-Woosley Warp. Natural/Bleached stripe.

I am weaving with either my handspun yarn or Bartlett singles. Both are 100% wool. But my handspun takes a lot of time to spin. Both are very similar in weight/size of yarn. I wind which ever yarn I am using onto bobbins to put into the shuttle to weave the wool yarn weft into the linen warp.

Bobbins wound with wool yarn to weave into linen thread warp.

Then I weave in the wool ‘warp’ into the linen thread ‘weft’ and I get this wonderful looking and feeling fabric of Linsey-Woolsey.

Linsey-Woolsey Natural/Bleached stripe on loom.


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